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3 simple steps to find out how close you are to Shelf Actualization – the pinnacle of retail performance.

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The Shelf Actualization Index

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What is ‘Shelf Actualization’?


Relax. It’s not about self esteem and mindfulness. Although, kudos if you spotted the Maslow reference.  Shelf Actualization is the gold standard of retail execution. At Retail Insight, we break it down into these areas:

Only when retailers and CPGs excel across all needs, can they be said to maximize potential – and achieve Shelf Actualization.

5 signs you’re not achieving Shelf Actualization

Shelf Actualization starts by identifying the symptoms of retail inefficiency.

These pain points drain resources and hinder growth, and typically manifest as:

  1. De-centralized, manual markdown processes.
  2. Persistent issues with high levels of phantom inventory and shrink.
  3. Lack of root cause insight to diagnose and remedy issues with availability.
  4. Lack of actionable data to ensure teams are working on the highest value tasks.
  5. Multiple, conflicting data sources which prevent a single version of the truth.

If you struggle with any of these challenges as a retailer or CPG manufacturer, Retail Insight can help.

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Us too. We’ll be at booth 945, showcasing how our unique cognitive technology solutions can help you achieve Shelf Actualization.
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Our Clients

”Our partnership with Retail Insight provides the benefit of leveraging real-time data and software to focus on the products that matter most to our business.”

Megan Shaffer (Vice President of Retail Operations, Kroger)
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“The focus of this project is very much on enhancing the colleague replenishment experience with the aim of delighting our customers with outstanding in-store availability," 

Amy Ramsden-Young (Senior Technology Delivery Manager, Asda)
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